Why I Move From ZXing to ZBar

  • April 2013
  • Posted By Yannick Loriot
Nowadays the QRCode are still used in many mobile applications, and iOS applications are no exception to the rule. In a previous post I already talked about ZXing which is a popular QRCode reader for iOS. Unfortunately since iOS6 I have some trouble with this library regarding the display orientation of its controller. That’s why

Box2D: Buoyancy example for Cocos2D

  • July 2011
  • Posted By Yannick Loriot
I’m back with an update of my Box2D example project. As the previous post, I was inspired by an example written for Box2DAS3. This time I decided to implement the Buoyancy example on iOS (iPhone/iPad). For more info about the buoyancy feature provides by Box2D you can check this link. This new example shows few

Box2D: Ragdoll example for Cocos2D

  • June 2011
  • Posted By Yannick Loriot
Hi everybody! Unlike my previous posts, I’m not going to present you a tutorial. I would share with you an example that I ported from Box2DAS3 to Cocos2D namely the rag doll test.