Cocoapods and the localized string files

  • February 2014
  • Posted By Yannick Loriot
Cocoapods is an open-source dependency management tool built with Ruby for the iOS and the Mac OS X platforms. It aims to make the developer’s life easier by downloading/updating/managing/configuring the libraries needed for your project for you. As developer, if you want to add your library to the Cocoapods’ repository, or if you want to

Handle times, dates, calendars, and durations like a pro in Objective-C with YLMoment

  • November 2013
  • Posted By Yannick Loriot
Working with dates in Objective-C is not really easy; at least for beginners. You have to deal with various classes provided by the “Foundation Framework” such as NSDate, NSDateComponents, NSDateFormatter,  NSCalendar, NSTimeZone or with NSLocale (for user language/region). In order to make your life easier, YLMoment has been written to provide you an unique API

Why I Move From ZXing to ZBar

  • April 2013
  • Posted By Yannick Loriot
Nowadays the QRCode are still used in many mobile applications, and iOS applications are no exception to the rule. In a previous post I already talked about ZXing which is a popular QRCode reader for iOS. Unfortunately since iOS6 I have some trouble with this library regarding the display orientation of its controller. That’s why