WordPress – Theme Installatation Issue

I take this first post to let you know the problem I encountered while installing WordPress 3.1 on the 1and1 host and how I solved it.

The problem appeared when I have tried to install a new theme.

  • Firstly on the administration panel I followed the instructions here. But when I tried to upload the theme, nothing happened.
  • So I have uncompressed the archive manually as described here. But when I tried to active the theme an internal error 500 occurred.

After some research I found that this could occur when the PHP version was lower than 5.0. So I checked the PHP version of the server by executing a simple PHP script like that:

It turned out that the PHP version was 4.4.2.

To make the upgrade to version 5 of PHP you must create one .htaccess at the root of the server which includes these two lines:

AddType x-mapp-php5. php
AddHandler x-mapp-php5. php

All must work perfectly now!

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