Finished running MyApp on iPod touch

Issue: the iOS application neither installs nor runs on the device

Today I spent several hours searching for why I couldn’t install and run my application (targeted for iOS 4.0 and over) on an iPod Touch 2nd generation when there is no problem with the iPad. There was no warning, no error, just this little cue:

Finished running MyApp on iPod touch

After searching near of the certificates, Xcode, the iPod, I finally found where the problem came from: the processor’s architecture.

Indeed, the second generation of iPod (and iPhone 3G, 2G, iPod first generation, etc) has a processor built on the ARMv6 architecture while the iPad is based on an ARMv7 architecture.

So you will asked me why the problem comes from there?
Now with Xcode 4.2 when you create a new project, by default it will:

  • in the “MyApp-Info.plist”: limit the capabilities of the device to the ARMv7 architecture only
  • in the “Build Settings”: define the basic architectures in ARMv7

To fix these problem you just have to:

Required Device Capabilities

  • Delete the “armv7” in the “Required Device Capabilities”

Build Settings

  • Add the “armv6” architecture into the “Build Settings”

I hope it’ll save you a lot of time the next time you’ll create a new project for older device with Xcode 4. For more information you can see a similar question which has been asked on stackoverflow here.

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  1. malek · February 6, 2012

    i have the same problem but with an iphone 4, in fact a was building with xcode 3.2 but i upgrade to xcode 4.2, i have an apple developer licence, when i try to build in the divice, the application freeze in splash screen ( i also test with an empty project but still the same) , can you help me to fixe it.

    sorry about my english.
    thank you .

    • Yannick Loriot · February 6, 2012

      Hi malek!

      Is there any log?
      If your app crash in the splashscreen the problem comes from elsewhere. Have you check your schemes (Product > Edit Schemes…)?

  2. malek · February 6, 2012

    think you for replying me,
    in fact the app dont crash it still in the splash screen and in the organizer there’s no log for my application.
    my phone is jailbroken so i try to install it manually with installous and the app work fine.

    thank you for help.